Even though the stud is privately owned, the Haras du Grand Courgeon always welcomes outside residents who can enjoy a range of services:


•Weaning of foals
•Foals, yearlings, two-year-olds
•Breaking of horses
•Horses convalescing or in need of a break

Management of stallions:

•Semen collection
•Sanitary and administration monitoring of frozen semen in France and abroad
•Natural covering

Management of broodmares:

•Artificial insemination carried out by the stud’s inseminator
•Embryo transfer carried out on site with Equitechnic
•Sanitary monitoring and administration is carried out by the administrative department of the stud.
•Lights service for mares to be bred
•Gestation and foaling
•Assistance and surveillance of the birthing process thanks to the video surveillance system “Abfohlsystem”
•Mares and foals are monitored
•Control of immunity transfer

Other services

We work closely with the veterinary clinic Mesley du Maine and use the services of farriers, dentists and osteopathy.