Amer and his sire sons feature in the Top 10 stallions of the 2019/2020 season in Qatar, a rankings list established by « Les Cahiers du Cheval Arabe » for its online edition. Amer tops the stallion list of progeny that ran during the 2019/2020 season in Doha (all ages), while five of his sons also feature in the Top 10, including AF Albahar (4th), Majd Al Arab (5th), General (6th), Dahess (7th) and Mared Al Sarah (10th).

Amer also features in the rankings of sires of four-year-olds thanks to five of his sons and one grandson: General (2nd), AF Albahar ‘5th), Majd Al Arab (5th), Amer (7th), Divamer (8th), Tabarak (9th) and Mared Al Sarah (10th).

In the list of sires of five-year-old and older horses, the influential sire still tops the list, while five of his sons are also present: AF Albahar (3rd), Majd Al Arab (4th), Dahess (6th), General (7th) and Jaafer ASF (10th).

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Of the twenty top Arabian horses (all ages) that ran in Doha in 2019/2020, twelve are by Amer or by one of his sons, while seven are products of his daughters or granddaughters. His progeny dominates the first 19 places in the 2019/2020 rankings and eight of them were bred by the Grand Courgeon Stud.

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Photo by Zuzanna Lupa