Tayf by Amer out of Djelmila (Manganate) second of the 2019-2020 ranking in Qatar (Photo Juhaim / QREC)

In Qatar, like everywhere else in the world, the 2019/2020 season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Doha, the last meeting took place on 12 March 2020, six weeks before the normal end of the season. Unfortunately, this meant that the final Group 1 PA of the season, the Qatar Gold Sword, which had been programmed for the 2nd of April, was lost to the Purebred Arabians.

Rankings of the first twenty Purebred Arabians, based on the period between 23 October 2019 and 12 March 2020, include 8 Haras du Grand Courgeon products like Tayf by Amer out of Djelmila (Manganate) who is ranked second, as well as Yazeed by Munjiz out of Al Dahma (Amer), who is ranked third.

As to Shalaa by Dahess out of Dormadora (Dormane) and Jabalah by Al Mamun Monlau out of Kouthar (Nizam), they are respectively ranked seventh and eighth.

Products of Haras du Grand Courgeon stallions dominate

5 products by Amer, including Ebraz and Tayf in first and second place, 2 products by General , including Lady Princess in fourth place in the overall rankings and best four-year-old, as well as 1 product by Al Mamun Monlau and 3 products by Majd Al Arab feature amongst the Top 20 Purebred Arabians in Doha.

Download the Top 20 Purebred Arabians of the 2019/2020 Doha season.